lunch menu


our lunch menu changes every week and you can enjoy it for 15€ every day from tuesday to sunday (17€ on weekends and bank holidays). It includes the VAT (even if you don’t eat it), three dishes and unlimited bread and water, so you can eat differently, with taste and at ease, not worrying about hidden extras that we all dislike.

from april 12th to 18th


zucchini and broccoli thick
soup with olives and basil crumble
salad with carrot, crispy legumes, cous cous and orange & mustard vinaigrette
codfish and sweet
peppers brandade strudel

savoury to continue

chicken burger with rosemary ketchup
ecuadorian onion and tuna
stew with yucca parmentier
ricotta and spinach lasagna
with mild curry bechamel

sweet to finish

solid cappuccino in a glass
tigernut french toast
with nougat mousse
white chocolate and tamarind
soup with dark chocolate cream