zanahoria transparente web

walking, subwaying, biking, driving, busing, running, skateboarding, riding…


you will find us in valencia, plaza del patriarca, 4


our phone number is+34 96 325 89 19 and our email is

authority and “dogv” permitting, deli_rant stands up to adversity and welcomes you with open books.

unfortunately, while the coronavirus remains lurking around, we will be serving only until half past twelve in the evening.

in other words, we open every day at half past twelve with the exception of mondays, and we close after dinner time every day with the exception of sundays (closing after lunch time) and mondays because as we do not open, we don’t need to close.

estamos abiertos todos los días desde las doce y media del mediodía excepto los lunes (que no abrimos), y cerramos después de las cenas y las copas excepto los domingos y los martes (que cerramos después de la comida), y los lunes que, como no hemos abierto, tampoco cerramos.